Student blogging challenge – week 8

Now we are back at school after our camping experiences, we can join back in with the blogging challenge. This week the challenge is all about celebrations. Because there are so many different cultures involved in the student blogging challenge it will be really interesting to see what other people celebrate.

Click on this link to take you to the information page about the challenge.

Boyle River camp

Last week – 55 year 8 students, 9 parents and two teachers (myself and Miss Brien) headed to Boyle River Education Centre in the Lewis Pass. We had the most amazing week with fantastic weather. Miss Brien has made this movie that shares all our experiences.

Science in a box

Today we were really lucky to have a surprise visit from ‘Science in a box’ – a touring science show. The focus was on chemistry and Room 5 had a lot of fun experimenting with hydrogen, liquid nitrogen and helium. If you persevere with the slow motion video it is definitely worth it. 🙂

Student blogging challenge week 4

This week the blogging challenge is all about EMOJIS – this looks like a lot of fun.

Click on the link to take you to the page for instructions:

Don’t forget to put your work on the google form so others can see it.

Also, remember to check out other blogs and leave comments so more people will visit your blog.

Showcase Room 5

I am always so surprised at the amazing talents that students have. Here are the ones from this year’s showcase performance in Room 5. Enjoy the variety – from bike tricks, hair braiding, singing, rip sticking, football skills and an incredible chocolate cake.


People savers

We were so lucky to have Sakhr from the Red Cross in Dunedin come and teach us all about first aid. This is great preparation for our year 8 camps in a couple of weeks time. Not only that, being skilled in first aid is also a wonderful skill to have for life.

Student blogging challenge week 3


This week you are going to choose from 5 tasks for the blogging challenge. Make sure you click on the link for all the instructions:

Remember too, that you need to submit your work onto the google form at the end of the post so others can see your work. Here is the link to this for quick reference.

Blogging challenge week 2

This weeks blogging challenge is all about commenting. Why is this important? Because, through making comments on other people’s blogs, we will make more connections around the world.

Here is the link with all the instructions and resources you will need. It is up to you to read them.

I really hope you make the most of this opportunity.