Term 2 is done!

Wow, I cannot believe how fast this term has gone. I think everyone deserves a good holiday after being so busy this term.

I would like you to blog about your term – summarise the following:

-What you have enjoyed.

-What you have found challenging

-How your learning has gone this term

-What you want to focus on next term

I also want you to tell us what you plan to do for the holidays – are you going to just rest and relax, or do you have a special trip planned.

To help you with your blog, here is a list of everything that has gone on this term:

  • Student led conferences
  • James Hargest Trials
  • WBHS farm visit
  • New rotation of tech
  • Writing -explanations
  • Science – beef and sheep unit
  • New rotation of modules
  • Maths – Statistics, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Reading – novel studies
  • Puberty
  • Our special art project
  • Cheese roll fundraiser for camp
  • Te Reo
  • Visit from WBHS and WGHS to prepare for next year
  • Girls self defence course
  • PE – bench ball, football, dodgeball

Winter. Brrrr

Well winter is well and truly here. It has been cold and miserable lately. How do you feel about winter? Do you like it or hate it? Do you do anything special in winter?

I would like you to write a blog about this season. Add some pictures – it would be great if you had some pictures of yourself doing something in winter.

Here are a couple of pictures from my place during the heavy snow fall we had in 2013 – I am really hoping that we don’t get another one like this this year.

Visit to WBHS Farm

Last week the entire school visited Fraser Farm at Wataiki Boys High School as part of our science unit ‘Bigger and better – the red meat industry in NZ’. We had a fantastic day learning about sheep in New Zealand, why wool is so good for the environment, how working dogs are trained and used and so much more. This week, Room 5 have been blogging about the visit. Check out their blogs for even more details.


A pretty cool Friday.

Last Friday we had a lot going on. Firstly it was pink shirt day to show our support for the anti bullying message. It was great to see so many students from Room 5 who wore something pink.

Then in the afternoon, some Room 5 students began our special project for the school. We are not going to give it away just year as to what is going on, you will have to watch this space, but here is Josh, Lochie, Lennox, Thomas and Hunter who have started it off.

IDEAL students

I was very proud of the Room 5 students today who had earned iDEAL badges which were presented at assembly There were a lot of them. These badges are very hard to get and we had students in each category:

Daring to succeed

Engaging with mana

Acting with respect

Learning with purpose.


Novel studies

This term we have started our guided novel studies. One group is reading ‘Amina’ by J.L Powers

Another group is reading ‘Iqbal’ by Francesco D’Adamo.

I would like you to blog about your novel.

  1. Summarise what the story is about.
  2. Both groups have researched the countries these novels are set in – share your research on your blog, but it has to be in your own words.
  3. Are you enjoying reading the novel? Explain your answer.

Make sure your blog entry makes sense for someone who has never read the novel – you are writing for a worldwide audience, not just me.

Our holidays

It’s always great to hear what people get up to in their holidays, and we decided to share our holiday news using a poem. We looked at the poem written by Marci Ridlon, called ‘That was Summer’ and used this as inspiration to write our own poems titled ‘That was your holiday.’

Once we had written them, we recorded ourselves reading the poems using SeeSaw. Some of us were happy to video ourselves, but others preferred to use a picture and record our voices over top.

Check out Ben’s poem.


Please have a look at the other student blogs too to hear their poems and find out what they got up to these holidays.

Term 1 is done!!!

Wow – we are in the final week of Term 1. I cannot believe how fast this term has gone. This week for blogging I want you to do a reflection about your first term as year 8 and in Room 5. What have you enjoyed? What have you found different? How do you feel your learning is going? Have you done something different in Room 5 that you have really enjoyed? Are there things that you have found difficult?

Please write a couple of paragraphs about this. Think about all the things we have done this term both school wide such as the triathlon, but also the things we do in our classroom.


Well I must say I have really enjoyed the Easter break – 5 days to catch up on sleep plus a reason to eat chocolate. 🙂

I would like you to blog about what you have done over the 5 day holiday. Did you do anything special? Did you have any Easter eggs? How does your family celebrate Easter?

I am looking forward to reading your posts.