House choirs 2019

Every year, house choirs are a much anticipated and hotly contested competition. This year the theme was 80s music. The final placings were:

Rata – 1st with Wake me up by Wham.

Ngaio – 2nd with I’m still standing by Elton John

Konini – 3rd with I love a rainy night by Eddie Rabbit

Kowhai – 4th with Footloose by Kenny Loggins.

Science unit – term 2.

This term we have been learning all about the human body and the incredible systems our body has. The lung dissection was a highlight – especially when we got to inflate the sheep lung.

On your blog, I want you to write about the following:

  1. What did you learn during the science unit?
  2. What was your favourite part of the unit?
  3. What would you like to find out more about?

Please write in full sentences -and add pictures or media that help to show the reader what you are talking about. Think about everything you have done that is connected to the human body – not just the dissections, but what we have covered in literacy (reading and writing) as well.

Mid term already!

Well, they say that time flies when you are having fun, and in Room 5 that has certainly been the case.

I want you to write a blog that

  1. Summarises your highlights so far this term. What have you really enjoyed so far.
  2. Explain how you felt about your student led conference – you need to explain what a student led conference is for visitors to our blog first. Make sure you add how your parents reacted to your presentation.

Life has been busy.

Well, we have had an incredibly busy start to term 2 in Room 5. Last week especially was pretty manic with squash lessons, a performance by El Gregoe the magician with an anti-bullying message, a dissection of a sheep’s eyeball and the massive cheese roll fundraiser for year 8 camp over the weekend. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs about one of the activities you were involved in last week.

Final week of the blogging challenge.

Well guys, this is it, the final week of the student blogging challenge. It has gone so fast.

This week you need to make the most of strengthening the connections you have made throughout this challenge. Make sure you respond to the comments you have got and check that you have followed any blogs that you have visited and would like to keep in  contact with.

Here is the link to the week 10 challenge instructions:

Week 10 instructions

Here is the link to the student blogging challenge – this is a must do this week.

Feedback form about the student blogging challenge


If you do the first task, don’t forget to submit your post on this form:

Google form for post




Today our school is helping to raise funds for Mike King’s initiative – Gumboot day – raising money for mental health awareness for young people.  We wore gumboots to school and bought along a monetary donation. While not everyone owns gumboots, everyone was very generous with their donations. Here are the Room 5 gumboot wearers.


The things that makes a teacher’s heart sing.

Today I received an email from Tom’s mum which made me smile so much. They are on their way to England, but before leaving the country, Tom made his mum stop at Ashburton to buy the book ‘Refugee’ by Alan Gratz which we have been reading as a class, but have not quite finished. Because Tom is going to be away when we finish the novel, he did not want to miss out. How cool is that? His mum says he is a reluctant reader, but judging by this photo – he looks anything but. I hope he has a great trip and can find lots more books that spark his interest.