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For the last 6 weeks you have been on holiday.  Where did you go and what did you do?

What was your best moment from your holiday? What were you doing? What made it so good? I want you to answer these questions and add pictures if you can. If you don’t have photos to download then google images of your destination and include them.

The best moment from my holiday was road tripping up to Whakatane and spending time with my family. What made it so good was that the weather was beautiful, we were all together as a family and we did really fun things like cycling and visiting beautiful beaches to swim.

There is also a cool site called fotobabble which allows you to create a talking photo. You might like to check it out. 

Otawaiwere Bay - Whakatane

Otawaiwere Bay – Whakatane

Kohi point - Whakatane

Kohi point – Whakatane

Biking the Motu trail - Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Biking the Motu trail – Eastern Bay of Plenty.

4 thoughts on “Holiday fun

    • I did have a great holiday – but I don’t know if it was as exciting as yours. I hope you are going to blog about your trip to CANADA and then we can read all about it and have a look at your amazing photos. Thanks so much for visiting our blog and commenting.
      P.S Maddy Neal says hi.

      • Once my class is up and blogging I will definitely do that. Maybe I will tweet a photo 😄.

        HI MADDY!!!! Hope your first week of St Kevins was fantastic!

  1. Wow, your holiday sounds great! In our school, we only get one week off. It sounds like so much fun to have six weeks off. Great blog!

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