House Captains 2016

Here are four of our amazing class who have been selected as house captains for 2016. This is a real honour and is a recognition of their leadership potential. While only 4 people per house can be selected  (16 schoolwide)there are many many more of us in Room 5 who are also displaying leadership qualities. Way to go Room 5 and our AWESOME house captains!



Careers – what are the possibilities?

This week you are to read the following overviews and then blog about the following:

inside jobs

  1. What job interested you the most and why?
  2. What skills would you need to have to do this job? ( re-read the text to find information.)
  3. What training would be necessary to do this job? You might have to do further research about this.
  4.  Find a job advertisement for this particular job and paste it to your page. Try this website



Thank you to Isabelle who created this great poster explaining what ‘Bravery’ means to her. This week I want you to think about what bravery means to you and to describe a time when you have been brave. You don’t have to have done something big – just think of a time when you faced your fear. In your post I want you to make sure you cover the following:

  • When did it happen?
  • Describe where you were.
  • What fear were you facing?
  • What happened?
  • How did you feel afterwards?
  • Do you still have the same fear?
  • How would you describe bravery?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is facing the same fear as you?bravery


Term 1 – week 2.

Who is your hero?hero


In a few weeks time we are going to start a unit about your future and what you want to be when you grow up. To get you thinking along these lines I want you to tell us who your hero is and why.

As you change, and depending on what is going on in your life, your hero can change. Last year my hero was this lovely lady.

annabel (2) You probably recognise her – yes, it is Miss Lane.

She was my hero last year because she was ALWAYS happy and positive. When I was having a bad day she inspired me to look on the bright side. She is FULL of fun and laughter and I absolutely loved working with her.






A hero can be someone you know or someone famous you admire. They could be an author, a sportsperson, a singer, a celebrity, a family member …  the possibilities are endless.