Term 1 – week 2.

Who is your hero?hero


In a few weeks time we are going to start a unit about your future and what you want to be when you grow up. To get you thinking along these lines I want you to tell us who your hero is and why.

As you change, and depending on what is going on in your life, your hero can change. Last year my hero was this lovely lady.

annabel (2) You probably recognise her – yes, it is Miss Lane.

She was my hero last year because she was ALWAYS happy and positive. When I was having a bad day she inspired me to look on the bright side. She is FULL of fun and laughter and I absolutely loved working with her.






A hero can be someone you know or someone famous you admire. They could be an author, a sportsperson, a singer, a celebrity, a family member …  the possibilities are endless.



6 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. I really miss miss lane. And right now I have no idea who my hero is. 🙁 Who is your hero so far this year Mrs Campbell?

    • Well I suppose I have lots of heroes for lots of different reasons. For example – Alexander McCall Smith is one of my heroes because he writes my FAVOURITE books – in fact I have read nearly every single one of his books and he has written alot! My absolute favourite is 44 Scotland Street. Another one of my heroes is Kid President – he is just so funny and has such positive messages. Don’t panic – you have got time to think about it. Think about someone who you would like to be like.

  2. I really want to be an architect! I have been studying Gustave Eiffel’s structures.. They are very nice, but my favorite structure is the Parthenon in Ancient Greece.

  3. Hi Mrs Campbell,
    Loving this blogsite. Nice one Room 5. You’re almost as good as Room 3! Anyway, you’ve got me thinking about heroes now. My all-time hero wasn’t cheerful like Miss Lane is; actually, he was a bit grumpy and had a really, really bad temper (which is not why I liked him!). His name is Eric Cantona, and he was a famous French footballer from when I was a kid. I used to try and imitate it on the football pitch.

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