Never judge a book by it’s cover?

When I buy books I am often drawn to the cover. If the cover looks good then I am more likely to buy it.

What about you?

Have you ever picked up a book because it’s cover was appealing?

This week I want you to do the following:

  1. Share your favourite book with the class in a blog.
  2. Include a picture of the book.
  3. Explain why you chose to read it.
  4. Do you think the cover is appropriate -does it do the book justice and makes people want to read it? If not, explain how you think it could be improved.
  5. Give a summary of the book without giving away all the details.

Here is an example. This is one of the many books I hope to read to you this year:

juggling with mandarins

A novel about growing up. It asserts the importance of living life on your own terms, and of competing for enjoyment rather than reward. It explores the complex love-hate relationship between a father and son.

Miss Dyer is reading it to her class at the moment and keeps telling me I have to read it to you. Let’s hope we have time.

I really like the cover with the boy in the centre. The colours are appealing and I would definitely pick this book up because of the cover – it just looks interesting.

I look forward to seeing what your favourites are.

10 thoughts on “Never judge a book by it’s cover?

    • Not yet Cody, we are going to start next week. We can’t wait because the class next door to us read it last term and they loved it.

  1. Great blog idea on your favourite book. We are doing this for homework this week. We hope you get enough time to read JWM. We loved it over here in Room 6.

    • If you want to read a really funny book, try ‘Don’t call me Ishmael’ by Michael Gerard Butler. It was HILARIOUS.

  2. Hi my name is Delina and I’m from Kawakawa primary school. I love that book but where do get all of the other books from?

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