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Since we have been sharing our favourite books, I have had a couple of people ask me how many books I have at home. So, I thought I would show you.IMG_2802IMG_2804IMG_2803

As you can see, I have two large bookcases and then I always have a stack of books beside my bed. Yes I really do love reading and I want you to too.

14 thoughts on “My books

  1. That is a lot of books! I only have a small bookcase with three shelves and packed to the brim with books. From Crosswords to young adult books, even picture books. it takes me at least 1/2 an hour to sort them in my bookcase.

  2. You certainly have a lot of books! What kinds of books do you like to read? I went through a phase of liking non-fiction a lot. I’m into fiction now. Books are great aren’t they. I like Seuss and Dahl. too.

  3. Hi Verbina
    Personally, I love fiction – especially authors like Salman Rushdie or Alexander McCall Smith but I also read non fiction and have just finished a great book called ‘Babylon’s Ark’ By Lawrence Anthony which is all about the rescue of the Baghdad Zoo during the second Iraq war. It is a book that our wee book club at school had been given to read by the BDS (Book Discussion Scheme) who we joined this year. I can’t wait to see what the students think of it when we meet in two weeks to discuss it.

      • Awesome – fingers crossed you find it – it was fascinating. I had never thought about what happens to zoos in war zones before I got this book.

  4. That is a lot of books. How long did it take you to get all of those books? I have about 50 books.

    • Hi Kayden.
      Well I am quite a bit older than you so it has taken me a fair few years to collect these books. Before I trained to be a teacher I actually studied English literature at the University of Waikato – I have always loved reading. What is your favourite book so far?

  5. Hi my name is Makere from Kawakawa Primary school. I like your post about all of your books and how you are encouraging people to read books too. Have you read every book in your cupboards?

  6. Hi my name is Alesia I’m a student from Kawakawa primary school. I really like how you read so much books because in the future after all those books you might be an author yourself. I really love reading books and love being a person in my class that loves reading books and actually knows how to read them. The books I like most is fiction books because they really inspire me and true stuff sometimes can be better than non fiction especially when the authors are telling real live stuff. I hope you get better in the future and just live your dream.

  7. Hi my name is Awatea from Kawakawa primary school. You must read alot. Those book’s look interesting to read like the Pukeko book. I might read more every night.

  8. Kia ora my name is Tia from Kawakawa primary school. Yes I really like books to by the looks of things you do to. I got into books because my teacher told me amazing story’s about them.

  9. Hi I’m Waiheke from Kawakawa primary school I really
    like reading what kind of books
    do you like to read? I like reading
    cartoon books and how it’s made
    books,cooking book at home
    It’s like me and you are like the same.

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