Life lessons and being positive.

Watch this great wee video about the messages that Dr Seuss has taught us through his books.

What do you think about these messages? Write a new blog on your page that outlines:

  1. Your opinion about these messages – do they help? Are they worthwhile? Are they reasonable?
  2. What positive messages have you seen that you think are powerful? (Different from this video)
  3. How do you think these messages tie in with our iDEAL values?
  4. What positive messages do you give to others and how are you positive in your every day life?

Please include videos or images that support your ideas.

Once finished, make sure you have a look at what other people have posted and leave comments (good, full, meaty comments).

17 thoughts on “Life lessons and being positive.

  1. Kia ora Rm 5 best class ever! this looks like an exciting activity. I’m looking forward to reading your responses in your blog. My name is Verbina and I’m a teacher at Kawakawa Primary and my class and I are going to quad blog with your class. Its going to be fun!

    I hope you had a lovely holiday and wish you a neat first week back at school. Ka kite ano koutou.

    • Thank you Fletcher. I found this video on face book and I loved it so much I couldn’t help but share it with my class. Which class are you from? This quad blogging is so exciting.

      • I am from whakamaru school. My classroom is room 1. My teachers name is Mrs Dowdle she is a fun and interesting teacher and if you slack off you get to wast your morning tea.

  2. Hi my name is Patricia and I am a student from Kawakawa Primary School. I was really attracted to your title “Life lesson” because it matched your video.

  3. Hi my name is Awatea from Kawakawa primary school. I really liked your video because it makes me think positive about things I don’t want to do.

  4. Hi my name is Makere from Kawakawa Primary school. I liked your video about Dr Seuss and his life lessons because it teaches us about life in a fun way. Have you read every book Dr Seuss has made?

  5. Hi my name is Alesia I’m a student from Kawakawa primary school. I really like how the video was posted by your class because that shows how much your class likes to follow rules. I like the title “life lesson” because the second I looked at it I had a felling that it was made to watch because that’s what life is all about.

  6. Hi my name is Waekamania and I’m from Kawakawa primary school. You have really brainy words in that video. How did you put those word and the pictures of lorax in the video? Thats brainy.

    • Hi there Waekamania – thank you for your comments, and to all your awesome classmates who have been making comments too. I’m glad everyone likes this wee video but I can’t take any credit for making it. I actually found it on facebook and I thought it would be great to share with my class as I thought the messages were very clear and meaningful.

  7. Hi my name Delina And I’m from Kawakawa Primary School. That’s a good video. My favourite part was when the cat in the hat came out. When are you going to post some more?

  8. Hi my name is Te Aranga Mai from Kawakawa primary. I really liked your work and the words you put in your work . In your work you show people the messages that they need to remember when around people or by themselves. Nice work keep going

  9. Kia ora my name is Mata from Kawakawa primary I am a year 7 student. I really liked the Lorax video that you did because it helped me not to give up on my work.

  10. Hi my name is Kauri I go to Kawakawa Primary. I liked your video that was really cool because cat and the hat popped out of no where. I hope to see more.

  11. Hi my name is Delina and I’m a student from Kawakawa primary school.Your title is so attracted it’s so cool. I love the Lorax it’s pretty cool,

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