Adaptations in the world around us.




This week we are starting our Science unit which focusses on Survival and how animals adapt to the world they live in. I want you to create a post on your page that explains how your favourite animal has adapted to the world it lives in. It would be better if you selected a wild animal rather than a domesticated one like a dog or cat.

Make sure you write in FULL sentences and provide detail. Including pictures or diagrams would be great too. If you find any videos that are related you could also add those to your page.

I look forward to seeing what you create on your blogs – remember too that this week we have our quadbloggers looking at our blogs.



Just putting it out there – we would LOVE our visitors (people who view our blog) to leave comments. Please, please, please. We really want to make connections beyond our school.

Student Led Conferences

I was so proud of Room 5’s presentation at assembly last week which explained the Student Led Conferences to the Year 7s. Gracie, Jack, Liam and Quinn W – you were stars, and Tilly – you did a great job of presenting at assembly.

Once your student led conference is over I would like you to blog about your experience.

  1. How did you feel talking about your learning to your parents?
  2. Were you surprised at anything on your mid year report?
  3. What did you talk about with your parents after the conference?
  4. How do you feel about your learning after the conference?