Just putting it out there – we would LOVE our visitors (people who view our blog) to leave comments. Please, please, please. We really want to make connections beyond our school.

5 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Hi my name is Alesia from Kawakawa primary school. I like how you learn science because we do not do enough science. That’s a great topic because you can learn lots of cool stuff. Keep up with the good work Room 5.

  2. I wanted to leave a comment last time but I was so speechless about all the sha-mazing stuff on this blog that I didn’t know where to start. I have gotten so many cool ideas from use to put to use on our own blog. So thanks for your blogtastic amazeballs blog Room 6. You rock

    • Thank you so much Mr Brown – I assume you really meant Room 5. 😉
      We are pretty proud of how things are going – we are improving all the time.

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