We are great writers


We watched this video and had to write our own endings which we shared with Room 3 and 12. This week I want you to publish your ending on your blog. Adding pictures would be a great idea. Remember that there are other people in the country and in fact all over the world, who will be reading your work, so make sure it is top notch.

House choirs

Well it sounds like the House Choirs competition went really well on Friday. I was a bit sad I couldn’t be there to watch. Here is a couple of short videos of the winning house Ngaio. I will add more once Miss Hall emails them to me.

Way to go Ngaio – you worked so hard in the weeks leading up to this.

Jive talking

House choirs

Term 2 reflection

This term has been so busy and is passing so quickly I feel we haven’t had time to sit back and reflect on all the great things we have been doing so…

This week for blogging you are to do just that. Create a new post on your blog page and write about how you feel term 2 has gone. Think about what you have enjoyed and what you wish had gone better.

You MUST write in full sentences and make it interesting for others to read. Think carefully about all the things we have done so far this term. Adding pictures would be great.



Awesome writers.

Room 5, I am continually impressed with your writing. As a result, this week your blogging task is to publish a piece of writing. Choose a piece that you are really pleased with and publish it on your blogs. You may like to create a new page titled ‘My writing’.