This term you have been looking at what discrimination is and have had the choice of looking at it in terms of the following sub topics:

  • Women’s rights
  • Religious discrimination
  • Immigration and discrimination
  • Civil Rights movement in America
  • Apartheid

This week I want you to blog about what you have learned. You need to give a definition of what your understanding of discrimination is and then explain what you have learned during this unit. You could also explain what you are doing in terms of your personal inquiry. Do you think doing this unit is a good idea? Do you think people need to be taught about discrimination – why / why not?

When you are creating your blog please remember to write in full sentences and build my questions into your answers so that someone who reads your post will understand it without having to have read my post.

stop discrimination

Choices, choices, choices.

This week I want you to choose from the following to blog about:

  1. The school olympic day that was held last Friday. If you were part of this there are photos saved on N Drive – classes in action that you can use. I want you to blog about the activities you did, your favourite activity, the country you were associated with and anything else of interest. Remember you are writing for people who were not there so you need to include detail.
  2. The James Hargest exchange. If you travelled down to Invercargill you might like to share your experience. You could blog about the sport you were involved in, how you found being billeted, the social, the bus trip etc.
  3. Persuasive writing – you have been working hard at creating persuasive pieces of writing. Perhaps you would like to share your persuasive letter to your parents.
  4. Olympics – continue the Olympic blog that you started last week. Add youtube clips, news items, or photos.

Remember  we are part of quad blogging and this week everyone will be looking and commenting on our blogs so we need to make sure they are of a high quality.


We were minding our own business this morning, doing a current even quiz, when low and behold it started to snow! Snow in Oamaru town is not a common occurrence so it was impossible to focus on doing any work – so we stopped. We stood outside admiring the flakes as they fell gently from the sky. Here are some videos and photos taken this morning. Check out the student individual blogs for their reactions. Mr Botha – our new teacher from South Africa was very excited as they don’t have snow there!

 IMG_4190  IMG_4192 IMG_4193 IMG_4194 IMG_4195 IMG_4196IMG_4197

Rio Olympics 2016

I LOVE the Olympics and I can’t wait to start watching this Friday when it all kicks off.

Check out this amazing Olympic advertisement from the BBC.

However, these Olympics seem to have been plagued by controversy. The Russian team has been found to be doping, the Olympic village is not completed and then there is the Zika virus.

What do you think about the 2016 Olympics? What are you looking forward to? Do you think the Russian team should have been allowed to compete? What would you like to compete in?

I want you to create a post about the 2016 Olympics. You could chose from the following activities:

  1. Write a letter to the Olympic committee explaining why the Russian team should or should not be allowed to compete.
  2. Create a page about an Olympic sport you are really interested in. Include pictures of the team, when they will be competing and any interesting information about their road to get to the Olympics.
  3. Do you think New Zealand should ever try to host the Olympics? Write a letter to the Olympic committee to explain why.
  4. Choose one olympic athlete that you really admire and create a page about them. (This does not have to be a New Zealander).