Transition – moving on to the next stage in your education.

This term we have been looking at what the next step is in the education system – High School. For year 8s this can be an anxious time. We have discussed what we are looking forward to and what we are most nervous about. We have also talked about how the move from Primary school to Intermediate was quite scary at first and have written some pieces for year 6s who may feel the same as they look towards moving on to Intermediate. Our pieces are a variety of information reports, persuasive writing about why Intermediate is such a great choice, and memoirs of the first day at Intermediate. Check out the student blogs and have a read. Please leave some comments.change-ahead

This is not a boring holiday poem.

We have started term 4 after having a two week break. We sure needed that break because we worked really hard last term. Since we have come back we have been sharing our holiday adventures through poetry inspired by Bronwyn Bryant who wrote ‘This poem is not about the cold.

This poem is not about the cold.

This poem is not about the blackbird blown

across the sky.

It is not about the fallen leaves decaying by the


nor about the empty chairs outdoors.


This is a warm poem

an inside poem for rainy days.

This is a pull-up-the-chair-by-the-fire poem.

The kettle is boiling for mugs of hot chocolate.

There is hot apple shortcake and melting cream.


This poem wears a possum and merino jacket

and boots lined with sheepskin.

This poem has a woolly hat and matching mittens

a red scarf which wraps twice round

and nearly sweeps the ground.


This poem likes deep baths in scented water

and a towel off the heated rack.

This poem wants a feather duvet

and a wheat bag shaped like a cat.

This poem is not about the cold.

By Bronwyn Bryant.

We really liked how the author used specific nouns and adjectives to describe all the things she likes about the cold and flipped the idea of what the poem is about. Here is my attempt.

This poem is not a boring holiday poem.

This poem is not about cleaning, vacuuming,

catching up on jobs undone.

It is not about stressing about a conference


nor about the pile of schoolwork that waits for me.


This is a busy poem

a packing horses and children poem.

This is an eight hour road trip poem.

There are cross county courses, plaited manes

and kune kune pigs.


This poem wears jodhpurs, trackpants

and a warm beanie.

This poem has a rain-jacket and muddy

gumboots which are stripped off when

the sun comes out.


This poem likes early mornings, the sun

breaking through the clouds.

This poem wants laughter around a BBQ,

and the thrill of watching horses jump.

This poem is not a boring holiday poem.

I want you to publish your ‘This is not a boring holiday poem’ on your blog – share your creativity with each other.