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  1. As one of the teachers of this unit, I have to say I was super impressed with the way the majority of you worked collaboratively. You kept to the roles in your business and the variety of outcomes you made from just a scrappy pallet was mind-blowing! Congratulations on what I believe was a successful few weeks! *Whaea Jamaya**

  2. Hi Room 5,
    Wow all of these turned out amazing. Im sad i wasnt there to see them but in the photos they look pretty cool. Whats happening in NZ? Its been pretty hot here in Aussie!
    From Gracie

    • Hi Gracie – great to hear from you. Yes, the technology outcomes were excellent. Your group did a great job presenting and they said they were very sad that you were no longer here to do it with them. The weather in North Otago has been TERRIBLE – lots of rain and cold! I am very envious of you and your lovely warm weather. Have you started school yet? Make sure you keep in touch with us.

      • Hi Mrs Campbell, yes I will keep in touch. I am pretty sad that I wasn’t there to finish off our tech project as well. I haven’t started school yet but we have booked an interview with the High school for tomorrow, so that I can hopefully start on Monday. It has been around 30 degrees all of the days we’ve been here!
        From Gracie

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