Te Reo greetings



We have been practising greeting each other in Te Reo. While the girls were at the self defence course -the boys made the following video. Ano te pai nga tama.

5 thoughts on “Te Reo greetings

  1. Hi my name is Awatea from Kawakawa primary school. I really like that greeting in Te reo video because our school doesn’t really speak Maori only like 5% of the school does. Some well done on the video.

    • Hi Awatea
      Thanks so much for your supportive comment. Not many students in our school speak Te Reo either which is why it is so important that we try to learn as much as we can.

  2. Hello Room 5 my name is Justin from Kawakawa primary school I am in room 3. I really like your guys videos its cool how all of you guys start slowly coming in. Then say kia ora and atamarie and did you guys just learn those Maori words?

    • Hi Justin
      Yes we are going over all the ways to greet someone when using Te Reo. The boys were quite nervous about doing this so thanks for your supportive comment.

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