Mid term review

Well guys, we are just over half way through the term. We have done a lot already! I want you to write a post that includes the following:

  • What have you enjoyed the most so far? (You can have more than one thing)
  • When have you been in the learning pit and found things challenging?

I would like you to write paragraph answers – not just one or two words. For example:

So far this term I have really enjoyed getting to know my class and getting the Room 5 routine established. I love how we end each day in a circle as it is a really positive and calming way to end the day. I’m also really enjoying seeing most of Room 5 really challenge themselves in their learning and realising that mistakes are great because we learn so much from them.


One thought on “Mid term review

  1. Same as us we have been doing lots and lots of things this term. Like writing,reading and maths!

    Ford Lofranco 11

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