100 word challenge

I have found a site called the 100 word challenge which is all about encouraging students to write. Some of you may have noticed I have added it to the ‘Great sites’ list on the sidebar of my blog.

The following activity comes from this site but we were too late to do it. However, to get you prepared for upcoming 100 word challenges, we are going to practise using this prompt. Look at the picture and the questions below, and on your blog create a new post that responds to these. Remember – only 100 words. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Things to ask yourself:

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they going?
  • What is the setting?
  • What would it feel like to walk through a wall?

Check out what Amelia and Jorgia came up with:



12 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. I’d like to go through a wall. But the only problem is what happens if we can’t go through a wall.

  2. Hello my name is Eva from kawakawa primary school I really like your 100 word challenge
    I really like it when you guys have made a man go through the wall half way. next time when you do another 100 word challenge you could talk more about where you found the site and discribe. what the man is doing i like to see you put some more on that was wonderful.

  3. Hi my name is Ebony I go to kawakawa primary school I really like all the effort and ow you put the shapes in to it. What was the hardest part in that ?

  4. hi it is capri from kawakawa primary i like the man that is half in the wall that is so scary how did you do that? i would love to do that but i know that i cant if you show me how to and i like your videos that is good singing moana and other songs that was really brave strong good that was nice singing.

  5. Hi my name is capri from kawakawa primary school i like your 100 word challenge nice pitures i like your house choirs nice singing.

  6. Hi my name is Capri from Kawakawa primary school i like your 100 words challenge that was good question.And your photo that was a nice photo yous should try doing those kinda things to.
    yous should describe how those people are and answer those question but that was a good 100 word challenge i cant wait till you guise put some more great work.

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