Terrarium school challenge.

We are getting organised and hoping to win the school terrarium challenge. Thank you to Patrick  (who also supplied the cars for decoration), Ryan, James, Jennifer and Courtney who helped set the terrarium up. Another big thank you to Dylan, Jake and Seannah who also bought some decorations to make our terrarium look really special. The dinosaurs were a really nice touch Dylan. 🙂

20170516-202529.jpg             20170516-202541.jpg

Then today I overheard Jake showing our terrarium to a couple of year 7s at lunchtime and explaining how it works. How cool.

9 thoughts on “Terrarium school challenge.

    • It has been set up for 3 weeks now and is looking really healthy. I will try and remember to put a new photo up to show you.

  1. Hi my name is Tamarah from Kawakawa Primary school i like your guys terrarium that you made.
    think it’s cool how Jake was showing others your work.

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