Explanation writing.

This term we have been focusing on how to write explanations that are detailed and provide the reader with lots of information. This has been linked to our topics about the water cycle and puberty. I have been so impressed with the standard of writing and would like you to choose your favourite piece of explanation writing to publish on your blog.  Feel free to add pictures and videos that are related to your topic.

7 thoughts on “Explanation writing.

  1. Hi my name is Havahna and I go to Kawakawa primary school. I really like your explanation writing it’s really interesting.

  2. Hello im isabella from papakaio school i really enjoyed reading your explanation writing it was really interesting, Also love the quote. 🙂

  3. Hi there My name is Awatea from Kawakawa primary school. This blog post of your’s is really cool. I that is funny how it said Honey calm down I can explain everything. Awesome work.

  4. Hello Oamaru Intermediate my name is Ebony I go to Kawakawa primary school I like how you are using detail in your writing and your explanation writing it’s really interesting. What was the hardest part ?

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