Lasenby group – scene from Amina

This term we have been doing novel studies. The Lasenby group read the novel ‘Amina’ written by J L Powers. They also tried to re-create one of the scenes from the novel where Roble and Aabe (Amina’s father) get taken away by Al Shabaab soldiers.


7 thoughts on “Lasenby group – scene from Amina

  1. Hello room 5 my name is Justin from Kawakawa primary school I have not seen the movie before but it looks cool just from that little scene. Your outfits look cool too and did you guys make the outfit or buy them?

  2. Hi room 5 my name is Ngapua from kawakawa primary school on the video did they fight? or were they just acting? if they were acting that looks real

  3. Hello room 5 my name is Honekai from kawakawa primary school scene that you you did maybe next time you could not add valance but other then that good job.

  4. Hi Room 5 my name is Bobbie-Jo and I’m a year 7 at Kawakawa primary school. I like your guys
    scene video it is awesome.Who made your video?

  5. Hi room 5 my name is Ebony I am a year 5 and i am in room 3 I like all the awesome work on the scenes that you did what was the hardest part?

  6. Hi room 5 my name is Ngapua I go to kawakawa primary school I still can´t tell if that video is fake or real? but at the end it looks really fake.

  7. Hi room 5 my name is Harvey and i go to Papakaio school

    Why did you chose this scene to recreate and why this movie?

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