House Choirs 2017

Last Friday we had our annual school House Choirs. Each house had to sing the same waiata and then a song from the theme that was selected by the House Captains. This year the theme was ‘Disney films’ and the following videos are the final performances. It is always a very entertaining afternoon and it was clear to see the work that had gone in over the last two weeks. A big congratulations to Rata house who were the overall winners. The other results were Ngaio second, Kowhai third and Konini fourth.

16 thoughts on “House Choirs 2017

  1. Rata you really deserved your win. Naua and Dylan you were accomplished and fantastic conductors for your house. To everyone else; big highost fives to you all for giving it your all and standing up, being counted and doing something that isn’t everyone’s bag.

  2. What an entertaining afternoon it was, well done to all involved, all of the performances were amazing! Congratulations Rata!

  3. hi I am danella murray from papakaio school
    all the teams sounded great I could not see how the judge could pic a winier.

  4. Hi my name is Waimirirangi and I go to Kawakawa primary school. I thought that the videos we’re really cool. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Room 5,
    All the teams sounded great. Congratulations to Rata house for winning! Did you guys have fun performing and practising? Well done for singing so well.

    From Emma

  6. Hi Room 5

    I really loved your singing it was really good. What would be your favorite song that you have sang? i really liked the ´Your Welcome´ song. 🙂

    Year 8
    Drummond Primary School

  7. Hi Room 5,
    It’s Angelo Cudal from Drummond Primary School, I really like your song called Ngaio. I like how your guys tone. That song is every catchy. If you guys do it again what song will you sing? What was the challenges? If you guys copy this link you will be on my blog, I hope you enjoy?

    Room 4
    Drummond Primary School

  8. Hello my names is Eva from kawakawa primary school i really like your guys video I was really
    enjoying that i wish we did that here at my school.

  9. hi my name is Waiheke and I go to Kawakawa primary school
    all the teams sounded great I could not see how the judge could pic a winier.

  10. Hi my name is Awatea from Kawakawa primary school. That was a really cool video of you guys. For me it would of been hard to choose because you guys were all good. Nice work.

  11. Hello room 5 my name is Justin from Kawakawa primary school. I like your guys songs they are cool and I also like your guys outfits. Like the Maui and Moana ones. Also did you guys make your outfits or buy them? Maybe next time you guys can add in who won

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