Dylan – still dabbing…

Poor Dylan had a terrible accident last week and has ended up with two broken wrists. His mum shared this photo with me that just shows what a great attitude he has. Not even two arms in casts can stop him dabbing. 🙂 This is why he is in Room 5 – being positive and having growth mind sets are what we are all about.

5 thoughts on “Dylan – still dabbing…

  1. Hi room 5 I am Rynea from Papakaio School and That post is a mix of emotions as it is sad that he was in an accident but funny nothing can stop him dabbing

  2. Hello room 5 my name is Justin from Kawakawa primary school What did Dylan even do to brake both of his wrist. It looks like he can still go to school if he can do a dab. Also when did it happen?

  3. Damm!! you’re a good dabber, I can’t help dabbing too! From my best of all wish, have a good relief of dabbing and the wrist ,never forget about the wrist.
    Because without the wrist you can never do a Dylan dab ever again


  4. I wonder how school is going today without the casts now! 🙂 What a lovely post. I hope Room 5 are enjoying the hot chip lunch today 🙂

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