Waitaki Boys High School Choir visit

This afternoon we were lucky to have WBHS choir come to perform to us. The sound was amazing and it was great to see so many of our past students including Lance Schaffer who is now Head Boy at WBHS. Check out these short videos of some of their performances.

8 thoughts on “Waitaki Boys High School Choir visit

  1. Kia Ora my name is Tamarah from Kawakawa Primary School. These videos were very enjoyable one of my favourites were Jo and Alex.
    What was your guys favourite?

  2. Ki ora my name is Havahna and I go to Kawakawa Primary school. I really like your WBHS videos
    And one of my favourite videos was lance. Tells us what was the best one.

  3. Hi my name is Awatea from Kawakawa primary. That sound really cool and the videos were too.
    They sound really incredible. Nice post.

  4. Kia ora my name is Ford from papakaio school. Were you surprised? Cause we were, We heard them sing lots of interesting songs. They visited us from weeks ago.(:

  5. Hello, I’m Isabella from papkaio school, I really loved there sing my favourite was Jo and Alex’s what one did you like most? Isabella

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