I was lucky enough to meet Logan’s beautiful rabbit this afternoon – this is not the only one he has, there are another couple, plus a guinea pig. So so cute.

12 thoughts on “Logan

  1. Kia ora Logan my name is Mata from Kawakawa primary school and i’m a year 8. That is so cute that it almost look like a soft teddy bear and I wish I had one and how many do you have?

  2. Hi Logan my name is Awatea from Kawakawa primary. I am a year 7 student and I am in Room 3. That rabbit looks so cute and cuddly and I wish I had one. How long have you had your rabbit or rabbits and guinea?

  3. Hi my Name is Waiheke from Kawakawa primary school . that little bunny looks so cute you did a job looking after it one more thing about the bunny do you know how it is? Itโ€™s ok if you donโ€™t just wondering I also like you have pigs I like pigs not for bacon they’re just cute and funny.

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