Steampunk extravaganza

Today Room 5 / 6 and 14 presented their collaborative tech projects by holding a steampunk fashion show. For the last four weeks of tech, they have been working in groups to create a steampunk outfit and persona. The results were amazing. Here are the videos of the students from Room 5. Kino ke koe!

Conservation week

This week in New Zealand is conservation week. This is really important as we have so many amazing and unique birds and plants that are under threat due to pests. We are learning about the pests that threaten our native species and have signed up to be part of the ‘Squawk Squad’ – the nationwide conservation project that is being run to help educate students about the importance of conservation. One of the ways we can help our native animals is to gather sponsorship for traps and anyone can help us. I have included the link for theย  information form that students were given yesterday that has all the details – it can all be done online. So any visitors, if you would like to help, please do.

SS-ConservationWeek – squawk squad recruitment.-1xod256

Here is also the link that provides all the information about Squawk Squad.

Term 3 holidays

Well with an EXTREMELY busy time ahead of us for Term 4, I think it would be a great idea to reflect on what you did during the holidays. I am looking forward to hearing what you got up to during the past two weeks. Create your own post on your blog. If you have photos or videos to add that would awesome. I’d also like you to write about what you are really looking forward to this term.

I spent a lot of time with horses and in the rain: