Term 3 holidays

Well with an EXTREMELY busy time ahead of us for Term 4, I think it would be a great idea to reflect on what you did during the holidays. I am looking forward to hearing what you got up to during the past two weeks. Create your own post on your blog. If you have photos or videos to add that would awesome. I’d also like you to write about what you are really looking forward to this term.

I spent a lot of time with horses and in the rain:

4 thoughts on “Term 3 holidays

  1. Kia ora room 5 my name is Delina and I go to Kawakawa primary school. I really like your blog post about the horse’s, I like horse’s because you can ride them. Did use get to ride the horse’s or did use just get to pat them? I have horse’s out where I live. You should come see my blog at http://kpsdelinab.blogspot.co.nz/

  2. Kia ora room 5 my name is Waekamania from Kawakawa primary school, I am a year 7. I really like how you went to go see the horse’s because I love horse’s, I also like ridding them. I’m just wondering did you ride the horse’s?

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