14 thoughts on “Boyle River Camp

  1. Hi Room 5
    That seemed really fun and enjoyable i wish i could go there. What was your all time favourite part.
    Year 6
    Drummond school

  2. Hi room 5. It’s Jackie from Kawakawa primary school I’m in room 3 (But now we are Nga Rau Puawai or NRP for short) I’m a year 7 girl. I really like the videos nice one and I like that the videos are about camp awesome. My question is maybe you should say a bit more words to tell the people what this is mainly about?😀

  3. Kia-ora room 5 love the video I wish I could be there. That looked like a toon of fun. Check out my blog at kpsquinw.blogspot.co.nz.

  4. Hi it’s Tamarah from class Nga Rau Puawai Kawakawa primary school.Your camp looks very fun and exciting. What was the most funnest part of your camp.Did your camp have drama? Our camp did.

  5. Kia ora Oamaru school my name is Ebony I am 9 years of age and I attend Kawakawa primary firstly Id like to say how amazing your camp looked I went on camp this year but we went to Marsden bay and my favorite part was archery. What was your favorite part about camp ?

  6. Hi room 5 my name is Iris from Papakaio school it looks like you had heaps of fun on that camp, I hope everyone enjoyed it lots can’t wait to see the upcoming post for 2018 hope you have a good year 😁

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