So we have started our careers unit and you have started to think about what you might like to do when you are old enough to work. This week I want you to blog about this. I would like you choose three jobs that you might be interested in doing when you are older and explain  what they do and why they appeal to you.

I will give you an example to help you. When I was your age these are the things I wanted to do:

Veterinarian -Veterinarians are animal doctors.  I love animals and thought this would be a great job for me as I would be working with animals every day.

Translator or interpreter –  This is a person who speaks more than one language and can translate one language into another. Often politicians who have meetings with other politicians from different countries need a translator in order to be able to communicate with those they are meeting. I have always been interested in travelling and learning another language seemed like a really amazing thing to do.

A high school English teacher – this is a teacher who specialises in teaching high school students about reading and writing in the English language. I loved reading and writing at school so I thought it would be awesome to get a job where I was paid to do that all the time.

Luckily for all of you I didn’t do any of these jobs – 


I am looking forward to reading about what you are interested in doing.




As a class, we decided there were a number of strengths that we wanted to use in our classroom to make it a better place to learn. Perseverance was one of these. I agree, this is a key strength, as it is only by persevering that we get better at things that are difficult to start with.

I want you to blog about a time that you have had to use this strength (perseverance). It does not have to have happened at school, it can be related to anything you have done where you didn’t give up. Make sure you explain clearly what you were doing and how you felt. Was there anyone who helped you? What did you learn from that experience?