People savers

We were so lucky to have Sakhr from the Red Cross in Dunedin come and teach us all about first aid. This is great preparation for our year 8 camps in a couple of weeks time. Not only that, being skilled in first aid is also a wonderful skill to have for life.

Student blogging challenge week 3


This week you are going to choose from 5 tasks for the blogging challenge. Make sure you click on the link for all the instructions:

Remember too, that you need to submit your work onto the google form at the end of the post so others can see your work. Here is the link to this for quick reference.

Blogging challenge week 2

This weeks blogging challenge is all about commenting. Why is this important? Because, through making comments on other people’s blogs, we will make more connections around the world.

Here is the link with all the instructions and resources you will need. It is up to you to read them.

I really hope you make the most of this opportunity.