House captains and our wonderful class

Well today Room 5 was incredibly proud to have 7 students named as House Captains.

Sophie Notman, Ezekiel Goodsir and Blake White for Rata house.

Tom Dundass and Kalani Fisilau for Kowhai house.

Baxter Lewis and Hozayah Taylor for Ngaio house.

What was really special for me was how pleased the whole class was for these students – that in itself is a sign that Room 5 is full of leaders.

4 thoughts on “House captains and our wonderful class

    • Thanks Charlotte – they sure are. They had big shoes to fill from last year. Hope everything is going well for you at high school.

  1. Wow that’s so great to hear about the corporate celebration for theses students success. Sounds like a lovely class culture is developing.

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