Let’s meet the other student bloggers in the 2019 challenge

This week I want you to check out all the other student bloggers who are going to be involved in the 2019 blogging challenge.

You need to click on the following links:

  1. A list of students


2. A list of classes


From these two links I want you to find people in other countries who have similar interests to you and leave comments. Find 3 from the list of students, and then 2 from the list of classes (you will need to look on the class blogs side bars for the links to individual students).

When commenting remember these things:

One thought on “Let’s meet the other student bloggers in the 2019 challenge

  1. I like that infographic on writing blog comments. So “First!” isn’t an appropriate comment? Haha. You have a big class. Good luck.

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