Such a sad day.

To all the bloggers out there – no doubt you will have heard of the terrible shootings in our city of Christchurch. These shootings are hate crimes who have targeted a particular group of people. I just want to say – this is NOT New Zealand, it is NOT who we are, and to quote our Prime Minister, the shooters are NOT us and have NO place in this country. To all the families of New Zealanders, new and old,  who have been a victim of this vicious and hateful act – our hearts go out to you.  Kia Kaha (stay strong) Christchurch – Kia Kaha (stay strong) New Zealand. Aroha nui.

2 thoughts on “Such a sad day.

  1. You really send a message to me and others if you did not type this without a meaning you would know we would be confused but you did the opposite of it your blog has a meaning as this blog post does.

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