2 thoughts on “Week 3 of the blogging challenge

  1. G’day Mrs Campbell and class,
    Thanks for taking part in the blogging challenge, but I notice many of your students are only leaving the URL of their blog rather than the specific post they want us to comment on.

    Kathleen Morris has written about the different URLs and has a video showing how to find the correct URL to put in the form. You can find this in most of the original challenge blog posts.

  2. Hi there – thanks so much for the feedback. Funnily enough, we just had a big talk about this exact thing this morning in class, so fingers crossed the message has sunk in. Some of my students do find the information pages for the weekly challenge a bit overwhelming – there is a lot to take in and as we do not have one to one devices and have to do blogging as part of a literacy rotation, it can take time to address issues like this. We are loving it though. Thanks again.

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