The things that makes a teacher’s heart sing.

Today I received an email from Tom’s mum which made me smile so much. They are on their way to England, but before leaving the country, Tom made his mum stop at Ashburton to buy the book ‘Refugee’ by Alan Gratz which we have been reading as a class, but have not quite finished. Because Tom is going to be away when we finish the novel, he did not want to miss out. How cool is that? His mum says he is a reluctant reader, but judging by this photo – he looks anything but. I hope he has a great trip and can find lots more books that spark his interest.

5 thoughts on “The things that makes a teacher’s heart sing.

  1. It is about three different refugee children and their journeys. I won’t say too much more, apart from it is an amazing book. My class have absolutely loved it.

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