Mid term already!

Well, they say that time flies when you are having fun, and in Room 5 that has certainly been the case.

I want you to write a blog that

  1. Summarises your highlights so far this term. What have you really enjoyed so far.
  2. Explain how you felt about your student led conference – you need to explain what a student led conference is for visitors to our blog first. Make sure you add how your parents reacted to your presentation.

2 thoughts on “Mid term already!

  1. Hey!! I’m glad to here that it’s been a great year so far in room 5. I love being in room 5 last year, honestly the best class I’ve EVER been in! I miss being in room 5 so much, the fun, nice and hilarious kids in class were amazing company. And Mrs Campbell was such a supportive, caring, fun, interesting and good at teaching teacher. I miss her a lot. I do wish that I could stay in her class for a few more years. The fun P. E games, easy teaching ways, and her nice self, made it very sad to leave. I still wish that one day I’ll she her in the shops or something and give her a big hug. Time really does fly. So you all should make the best of the rest of the year. And remember to try your best you only have one life, so don’t be scared, be yourself, and don’t let others control you.

    I hope you guys and girls all have a great day!! 😊
    -Max Geddis

    (otherwise know as sommer..)

    • Oh Sommer – thank you so much. I hope I do see you around in town too. You could always pop into OIS and see me. 🙂 I hope everything is going well for you in year 9 – you are such a star. Thanks for taking the time to check in on the blog – did you see the blog post of the teacher item for house choirs this year?

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