Jokes and memes

It’s the last week of the term – let’s have some fun. Everyone loves to laugh so let’s share some cool jokes or funny memes.  Here are some of my favourite teacher related memes.

P.S – whatever joke or meme you post, MUST be appropriate. Think carefully – will it make Mrs Campbell laugh?

6 thoughts on “Jokes and memes

    • Thank you for your comment – yes I do like your joke. It is difficult to balance everything. I hope you keep popping in and check on our blog.

  1. I’m Maia! I am a part of the world blogging challenge! I live in the U.S and I really enjoyed your blog especially the memes!

    • Hi Maia,
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. Yes, we had a lot of fun sharing memes. Have you done anything like this on your blog?

  2. This is funny, even my teacher said so when i showed him the owl meme. He said it was true !:):():):):):):):

    We’ve recently started our own class blog and would love it if you could visit and perhaps leave a comment so we can see people are visiting us from around the world. Thanks for your time.

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