One thought on “Week 3 blogging challenge

  1. Hello from Virginia, USA! We’re so glad to visit your blog and find other student bloggers like us! So many classes don’t have any posts up, even though they’re participating in the blogging challenge.

    I’m standing in a Communications class with ten middle school students, and we’re hoping to travel around the world through the blogging challenge. My students have already posted a slew of blog posts, and we’re ready to exchange comments with your students.

    Let me introduce my students…
    Meet Nature Nerd. She loves the outdoors, all animals, and being on stage.
    Meet Beelia, our resident bee and flower lover whose creativity will entertain you all.
    Meet Anna Claire, who is a pianist and an avid runner.
    Meet Abby, a competitive cheerleader and dog lover.
    Meet Emma, our ballet dancer, who’s seriously obsessed with the musicals, Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen.
    Meet Zoran, who would rather play Fortnite than attend school. So shocking!
    Meet Miki, a bird lover and follower of all things supernatural.
    Meet M, digital artist, video gamer, and aspiring chef.
    Meet Risad the Martian, accomplished world builder and magical meme wizard.

    Come say hello…we have so much to share. Visit our class–and all our student blogs…by heading directly to When you click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of my home page, you’ll open a page with all the student links.

    Stop by soon!
    Mrs. Rombach

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