What I am reading at the moment.

Last night I started a new book by my favourite author – Alexander McCall Smith. I have read nearly all of his books. He tends to write series and my favourite series is the 44 Scotland Street series. He is a Scottish author and his books are very character driven. This means there is not a lot of action but you get to know the characters really well and their funny little quirks. I love that about his writing.

The book I started last night is called ‘The peppermint tea chronicles’ and I read only one chapter which is unusual for me normally, but because I have to wake up at 2am to give my husband his medication, I am getting quite tired. Anyway, the book started off with two characters, Angus and Domenica, a married couple, talking about how people need to be more humble and not so narcissistic (which means thinking very highly about oneself – sort of like a showoff).

I am looking forward to reading more tonight.

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