Wow, what a term we have had with lock down learning, then back to school, flexi time learning for literacy and maths, tech for the year 7 and 8s, and speeches for everyone, just to list a few things.

While a lot of things have been strange this term due to the Covid alert levels, we have still done a lot of learning.

This week for blogging I want you to reflect on your learning. What have you enjoyed? Have you made improvements in certain subjects? How do you know? What are you most proud of? What do you think you could have done better?


Team Tahi are great writers

Last week you did a fantastic job of writing your odes to summer. I would like you to publish your ode on your blog so we can share them with the world. Please add some pictures to your post.

Although I didn’t write an ode to summer, here is my ode to Whakatane.

How I long to see

the lush, dense bush

that hugs the road to Rotoma .

How I long to feel

the moist blanket of humidity

which warms me through to my bones.

How I long to hear

the slap and splash of water

in Nan’s swimming pool.

Oh Whakatane

Why must you be so far away?

I feel the pull of your warm arms

as winter creeps up on us.

Winter is here

Well winter is definitely upon us now. This weekend the temperatures really plummeted (minus 5 this morning), but we have had such beautiful days – cold but clear. I’m not usually a fan of winter as I really don’t like being cold, but this beautiful weather has helped me overcome my dislike of winter. It’s hard not to enjoy being out and about in beautiful sunshine with not a cloud in the sky. This weekend my whanau walked around Cape Wansborough and then did an 8km walk/bike along the Alps to Ocean cycle trail. When we were walking the A2O my son found this impressive piece of ice in a puddle:

This week I would like Team Tahi to blog about what they love to do in Winter – or alternatively, what you don’t like about winter. It would be great to see some images to go with your posts.