The world around us

Ok, so we can’t travel overseas for a while due to Covid 19, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep learning about the world that is outside of NZ.

This week for blogging, I want you to choose a country that you are really interested in visiting one day. I want you to do some research about this country and create a blog about:

-why you would like to visit this country.

-the top sightseeing places in this country.

Include some simple greetings or sayings in the language of the country you have chosen as well as images to enhance your blog.


Holiday reflection.

Hi Team Tahi

I’m sorry I can’t be there for the first week of term, but I am really looking forward to reading your blog posts about what you did over the holidays. I hope you had a great time and feel relaxed and ready to come back to school.

My holiday was a bit different than what we had originally planned as my family and I were supposed to go to Fiji, but of course that was not possible due to Covid-19. Instead we travelled to my home town, Whakatane, and spent time with my whanau. It was just as good, if not better than going to Fiji.

We drove all the way there, crossing on the ferry, which was a lot of fun.

We did this so we could take all our mountain bikes as once in Whakatane, we went to the Redwood Forest mountain bike track which was amazing. I love mountain biking.

Another highlight was going fishing at Thornton beach. We put out the long line, made a fire while we waited, roasted some marshmallows and after an hour or so pulled the long line in. It was so exciting, especially because we caught lots of fish!

Please write a blog post about what you did in your holidays – make sure you add enough detail so it is interesting to read. If you have photos from your holiday to insert, that would be great too.