Who is your hero?

We all have people that we look up to. When I was younger, I admired people like Julia Roberts. She is a great actress and I lOVE all her movies. Also from what I’ve read about her, she seems like an intelligent woman who I could be friends with.

However, as I’ve got older, I have realised that there are a lot of people who I admire who are not famous. One of these is my friend Rebecca. She is my hero because she is always positive and always makes people feel good, no matter what the situation. She is loyal, supportive and knows how to have a good laugh. I worked with her for ten years and when I had a bad day, she was always there to listen and cheer me up.

So who is your hero? Do you admire someone famous, or someone that is just a regular person? Explain fully why they are your hero and if possible add a picture of them.

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