Let the world know more about you.

Now that we are all capable bloggers, let’s let the world know more about ourselves. I love creating lists and they can be really interesting – look at this one from Andy Griffiths about his dad.

I want you to create a list about yourself that has interesting facts about yourself. Look at how Andy has made his list interesting – his choice of phrasing and words. Try and write 10 things about yourself in this way, but if you can’t get 10, don’t worry. I also want you to add media to your post to make it visually interesting. Here is my list:

Ten things you should know about Mrs Campbell

  1. Is absolutely terrified of heights – actually can’t climb higher than a ladder.

2. HATES pumpkin because my father forced me to eat it when I was younger.

3. Can do a cool trick with my eyes – ask me and I’ll show you.

4. Sucked my thumb until I was 13.

5. Tried to scrub my freckles off when I was younger. I have accepted them now.

6. Used to sleep walk – including one time at school camp where I freaked the teachers out.

7. Wanted to be a vet until I saw a vet treat a cow with mastitis by cutting the teat off. YUCK

8. Prefers cats to dogs simply because cats aren’t as needy.

9. Has to read every night in bed or I can’t go to sleep.

10. Never drinks hot drinks like coffee or tea because I always burn my tongue – I’m too impatient.

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