You have the power!

Imagine if you had the power to change the world – what would you do?

I want you to create a blog post that explains the 3 things you would change in the world if you had the power to do anything. You must explain fully why you have made your selections. They can be big or small changes – I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Here are my three:

  1. Get rid of poverty. Everyone should have enough money to have food and shelter and medical treatment. This doesn’t mean everyone would be rich, but just that no one would starve to death or suffer because they can’t afford to go to a doctor. I think poverty is one of the worst things in our world because often people can not escape from it and a lot of innocent children suffer as a result. It’s not fair.
  2. Make countries that are polluting our world actually make changes. NZ is doing it’s very best to help stop climate change but we are such a small country and we are not really the problem. Until the big countries that are causing so much damage, start making changes and stop pouring their filth into the environment, our world is not going to get better. I want my children to be able to see the Great Barrier Reef and the animals of the Serengeti in Africa like I did. Without change, these things may disappear.
  3. Get rid of ALL nuclear weapons and power. I am so proud that NZ is nuclear free – it’s simply not a risk we can afford to take as nuclear waste and accidents are just devastating for people and the planet. If I really could do anything I would go back in time and stop Ernest Rutherford from splitting the atom.

Just remember, these are only my opinions – you don’t have to agree or think the same as I do. We are all individuals and every one of us has different ideas.

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