About us.

We are new to blogging but are really hoping to get our teeth into it this year.

We are a class of 27 students – all Year 8, in North Otago New Zealand.



We would love it if you want to comment on our blog, if you would like us to reciprocate please leave a link for us to follow.

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  1. Hi Room 5. In the holidays I went to Dunedin which is in your part of the country. I hired a bike and hit the road. I didn’t bike far, just from the city to the ocean. What a great city. I also visited Moeraki where I saw wild penguins and seals at the lighthouse, also the famous boulders. The next day I bought 3 fiction books from the market place by Steam Punk in Oamaru. Then I drove to Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki. The colour of the water is amazing. As is the rolling hills and brown grass through Twizel. You live in a stunning part of the country. Have you been to the Bay of Islands where I live?

  2. Hello there!
    Our class is looking for another class blog who could collaborate with us. My students are in Grade 7 (but technically it is Grade 8 in Common Core) from Colombia and hopefully our class could collaborate. Please let me know if you are interested and to know more details about it. Thank you.

    • Hi there – we would love to collaborate with you. We have just been away on camp so have been away from the blog. We only have four weeks of school left this year – we finish on the 16th December in class, and will be back at the beginning of February 2019. Would you still be interested? Mrs Campbell.

  3. Hello! I’m a teacher from California. I stumbled across some of your students’ winter poems and would love to do that with my class. Is there a particular format you used to guide them?


    • Hi there
      Sorry about the delay in replying – we have had summer holidays (6 weeks). Which particular poem are you talking about? I use a lot of models when teaching writing.

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