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We are a class of 26 students – years 6 – 8  in North Otago, New Zealand. We are a small country school and most of us live on farms; dairy, sheep or cropping farms. We are very active and love the outdoors. We are lucky where we live that we are so close to beautiful countryside which includes amazing lakes and mountains.




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  1. Hi Room 5. In the holidays I went to Dunedin which is in your part of the country. I hired a bike and hit the road. I didn’t bike far, just from the city to the ocean. What a great city. I also visited Moeraki where I saw wild penguins and seals at the lighthouse, also the famous boulders. The next day I bought 3 fiction books from the market place by Steam Punk in Oamaru. Then I drove to Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki. The colour of the water is amazing. As is the rolling hills and brown grass through Twizel. You live in a stunning part of the country. Have you been to the Bay of Islands where I live?

  2. Hello there!
    Our class is looking for another class blog who could collaborate with us. My students are in Grade 7 (but technically it is Grade 8 in Common Core) from Colombia and hopefully our class could collaborate. Please let me know if you are interested and to know more details about it. Thank you.

    • Hi there – we would love to collaborate with you. We have just been away on camp so have been away from the blog. We only have four weeks of school left this year – we finish on the 16th December in class, and will be back at the beginning of February 2019. Would you still be interested? Mrs Campbell.

  3. Hello! I’m a teacher from California. I stumbled across some of your students’ winter poems and would love to do that with my class. Is there a particular format you used to guide them?


    • Hi there
      Sorry about the delay in replying – we have had summer holidays (6 weeks). Which particular poem are you talking about? I use a lot of models when teaching writing.

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