Blogging challenge

We are part of the blogging challenge again  which is exciting because we made lots of great connections last time we did this.

This week the focus is on commenting – how to comment, and making comments on other blogs in order to get those connections going.

Here is the link to the full page of instructions – Commenting instructions and resources

Please take the time to read it carefully, it has lots of excellent resources. It also has the links to the classes and students that are participating.

Don’t forget to fill out the google form with the link to your blog so others can comment.

The link for this is here – GOOGLE FORM

Jokes and memes

It’s the last week of the term – let’s have some fun. Everyone loves to laugh so let’s share some cool jokes or funny memes.  Here are some of my favourite teacher related memes.

P.S – whatever joke or meme you post, MUST be appropriate. Think carefully – will it make Mrs Campbell laugh?

Top moments from the school year so far.

It’s always great to look back and remember all the wonderful things we have done during the year. This week for blogging I want you to create a top 10 list.


After very careful consideration, in no particular order, here are mine:

  1. Watching the Year 8 netball team beat James Hargest.
  2. Listening to Mrs Meek speak at the assembly to honour the victims of the Christchurch shooting. She was so inspiring.
  3. My birthday – when so many students wished me happy birthday, the block sang Ra Whanau to me, Caitlin made me a beautiful cake, and Room 5 gave me a card they had all signed and a block of chocolate.
  4. When Room 5 got up at assembly and performed the waiata with actions, E Minaka Ana. I was so so proud.
  5. Watching my daughter win the school cross country.
  6. Seeing students persevere with the algebra pattern problems in term 2.
  7. Having so many house captains named from Room 5.
  8. Meeting nearly every single parent at the student led conferences. It was so great to be able to share all the progress everyone had made.
  9. Doing air guitar for the teacher’s item for House Choirs.
  10. Getting emails from parents telling me how happy their children are with their learning.

Room 5 is amazing!

I was so proud of Room 5’s performance at assembly this afternoon. They performed a waiata in preparation for next week being Maori language week and then to acknowledge Tongan language week they did a hiva. It is not easy doing this in front of the whole school – they were very brave.

100 word challenge Term 3 week 2.

Have a look at this amazing picture which is the prompt for this weeks 100 word challenge. What story does it conjure up for you?

Remember you have to do your 100 word challenge on your blog as a new post and then post it on the 100 word challenge site.

Here is the link to the page

I have sent you an email with the prompt picture so you can add it to your post, and the log in username and password so you can put the link to your amazing writing on their site.

I look forward to reading your creations.

Holidays are over.

Well it is the beginning of term 3, welcome back. I hope you all had a good break – I certainly did. You can choose to write a simple blog about what you did in the holidays or you could try creating a word cloud like I have using this tool. word it out. Can you guess where I went by reading my word cloud? If you create your own word cloud, invite people to guess what you did in the holidays by leaving a comment.