My favourite book

Team Tahi, I hope you have realised by now that I LOVE reading. I read every night, in fact if I don’t read I can’t get to sleep. This is a habit that my mum gave me because until I was 13 I had to go to bed at 7.30pm every night but I was allowed to read for half an hour. When I was young, I thought it was really unfair because all my friends were allowed to stay up and watch TV. However, as I got older I became very grateful as the books I read allowed me to escape into so many different worlds, much more than a TV programme or movie. (Don’t get me wrong – I do like TV).

My favourite book ever, and this is a very hard decision, is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I read it when I was in high school and it just captivated me. It’s all about lost love and tortured souls.

What I would like to see from Team Tahi this week, is a post about your favourite book. Sell it to us – tell us a brief run down of the plot (what happens), the main characters, what your favourite part is and why we should also read it. I look forward to reading your posts.



One of the key learning attributes that Team Tahi selected as being important in our classroom this year was Perseverance. We have looked at the learning pit, and discussed having a growth mindset for learning. Perseverance is key to all of this – not giving up and having the attitude that ‘I may not be able to do it YET, but I will get there.’

This week, I want to hear some of your perseverance stories. When have you had to keep trying? Did you succeed in the end? How did you feel? Do you feel you are a person that perseveres? Do you see the importance of it? How are you going to persevere in your learning this year?

El Gregoe’s visit

Last week, Duntroon school was really lucky to have El Gregoe the magician visit us. His message was all about how we can take steps to make sure we have great days at school by using the values of caringempathy, respect, responsibility, and resilience. These tie in perfectly with our Duntroon BEST values – Believe in yourself, Empowered to learn, Socially responsible and Thinkers and learners for life. 

El Gregoe is an amazing magician and some of Team Tahi’s members got to assist him with his tricks.

Favourite childhood memory.

A lot of my favourite childhood memories revolve around my cousins and horses. I got my first pony when I was 8, her name was Judy and she was a welsh mountain pony. She arrived on Christmas morning and I was so excited. I had been begging my mum and dad for a pony for a few years. Judy taught me a lot because she was really NAUGHTY! She used to take off on me in the paddock and race to the gate, slam on her brakes and try and toss me over the gate. Riding Judy gave me really strong legs.

My next horse was called Spice and he was old and lovely. My cousins and I used to ride him bareback all over the farm. He was so kind and would just patiently put up with us jumping on and off him.

Two of my cousins lived at the back of our farm – their farm and our farm joined up together, and we would spend hours together making huts in the hay barns, riding horses, playing cops and robbers on my mum’s old scooter. We had so much fun.

I am really looking forward to reading about your favourite childhood memory.

Welcome to 2020

Well, a lot has changed in my life so far this year. One of the most exciting changes has been starting a new job at Duntroon Primary School, and I am LOVING it! Here is my awesome class – minus one student who is away at the moment. They are a fantastic group of students who know how to do the mahi! I can’t wait to see what they can achieve this year.

Blogging challenge – week 7

This week the focus is on celebrations. We are going to share with the world, the celebrations and festivals that are important to us. We should learn a lot about other cultures as we explore other blogs – exciting.

Here is the link to the instructions for this week. Note there is also a google form for you to fill out where you select the celebrations and festivals you take part in.

WEEK 7 instructions

Don’t forget to put your blog link on the google form so others can see it.


Student blogging challenge week 4

I have approved so many wonderful comments on our blog posts since we have started. This week would be a great chance to make sure you are reciprocating – spend time responding to comments and making new comments on participant blogs.

Here is the link to the full instructions Week 4 instructions.

Don’t forget, if you do a free choice blog post, then you must fill out the google form with the link to your post. Here is the link for it. Google form