25th January 2016

On your own blog site I want you to add a Reading page so that you can create a record about cool things you have read. Over the holidays I read so many great books. My favourite was probably the following book. It was about three generations of a family and part of it was set in Oamaru – Ngapara in pre World War 2 which was really cool because I could imagine it so clearly while I was reading.


4 thoughts on “Reading

  1. I love to read false books and i spend most of my spare time doing it! Have you read the new series at the library in town called ” Secret Breakers”. It is a really interesting book about code breakers who are trying to decipher an ancient manuscript discovered by a man called Wilfred Voynich. It’s name is “MS 408”! The author is H.L. Dennis.
    Hope you do read it, Bye!

    • This does sound really interesting. Do you think it is a series that we should have in our school library? False books are normally referred to as fiction.

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