Let’s meet the other student bloggers in the 2019 challenge

This week I want you to check out all the other student bloggers who are going to be involved in the 2019 blogging challenge.

You need to click on the following links:

  1. A list of students


2. A list of classes


From these two links I want you to find people in other countries who have similar interests to you and leave comments. Find 3 from the list of students, and then 2 from the list of classes (you will need to look on the class blogs side bars for the links to individual students).

When commenting remember these things:

House captains and our wonderful class

Well today Room 5 was incredibly proud to have 7 students named as House Captains.

Sophie Notman, Ezekiel Goodsir and Blake White for Rata house.

Tom Dundass and Kalani Fisilau for Kowhai house.

Baxter Lewis and Hozayah Taylor for Ngaio house.

What was really special for me was how pleased the whole class was for these students – that in itself is a sign that Room 5 is full of leaders.


Over the first two weeks of this year, we have done a lot of talking about strengths. We have identified what strengths are important in our classroom, and which strengths we have personally. Last week you were asked to identify a strength that you wanted to work on and I would like you to blog about that.

What is the strength you want to work on?

Why did you choose that strength?

How are you going to work on it?

Why do you think it is important?

When you are writing your blog, please make sure that you write in full sentences so that anyone reading your post will understand what you are writing about.

Don’t forget to add some media to make it even more captivating for your audience.