Mike King – I am hope

Two weeks ago we were really lucky to have Mike King visit our school to talk about his message ‘I am hope’.  I want you to blog about this special assembly. Please start with an introduction for people who read your blog and were not at the assembly-  you will need to explain who Mike King is, what his message was and why he is visiting schools.

I also want you to write about what you learned, or will remember from his talk with us.

I’ve included a couple of picture of Mike and one of Amber who was lucky enough to win one of the ‘I am hope’ T shirts. Maybe you could do some research and find some pictures of your own to insert into your post. Or even take a photo of your ‘I am hope’ bracelet to insert.


Technology at OIS

We are really lucky to have technology classes at OIS – Hard Materials, Digitech, Food and Fabric and Art. I have been learning about Seesaw which is a digital tool for sharing learning with others. Luckily Room 5 students are already familiar with using Seesaw in their technology classes. I have asked them to share their learning journeys from technology on their blogs – check out these two below, and make sure you have a look at all the other class blogs.

Ben at hard materials.

Sommer – final outcome at hard materials.

Swimming sports 2018

Well, we had a great day for our swimming sports last Friday. I was very impressed with all the room 5 students who got in and earned points for their house. Even I swam, but unfortunately the teachers were just pipped at the post this year.  Well done to Rata for winning the swimming sports too.

I would like you to blog about your experience of the day. What did you enjoy? How did you feel? Were you nervous? Was it better or worse than you expected? Remember that your blog will be read by people that were not at our sports day, so you need to make sure you explain fully what happens.


So we have started our careers unit and you have started to think about what you might like to do when you are old enough to work. This week I want you to blog about this. I would like you choose three jobs that you might be interested in doing when you are older and explain  what they do and why they appeal to you.

I will give you an example to help you. When I was your age these are the things I wanted to do:

Veterinarian -Veterinarians are animal doctors.  I love animals and thought this would be a great job for me as I would be working with animals every day.

Translator or interpreter –  This is a person who speaks more than one language and can translate one language into another. Often politicians who have meetings with other politicians from different countries need a translator in order to be able to communicate with those they are meeting. I have always been interested in travelling and learning another language seemed like a really amazing thing to do.

A high school English teacher – this is a teacher who specialises in teaching high school students about reading and writing in the English language. I loved reading and writing at school so I thought it would be awesome to get a job where I was paid to do that all the time.

Luckily for all of you I didn’t do any of these jobs – 


I am looking forward to reading about what you are interested in doing.




As a class, we decided there were a number of strengths that we wanted to use in our classroom to make it a better place to learn. Perseverance was one of these. I agree, this is a key strength, as it is only by persevering that we get better at things that are difficult to start with.

I want you to blog about a time that you have had to use this strength (perseverance). It does not have to have happened at school, it can be related to anything you have done where you didn’t give up. Make sure you explain clearly what you were doing and how you felt. Was there anyone who helped you? What did you learn from that experience?

Welcome to 2018

Wow – those summer holidays certainly flew by. Welcome back to Room 5, 2018 and a brand new bunch of the most awesome students.

To get to know each other better I would like our first post to be one where we share information about ourselves.

I will start…

I have 3 children, all of them at different schools this year. I have been teaching since 1999 – a very long time, and I love my job. My husband, Scott, is a farmer and we live on a farm where apart from cows and calves, we also have; a goat named Bonny, a kunekune pig called Ziggy, three horses – Isa who is mine, and Diva and Zac who are my daughter Maddy’s, 5 highland cows and a very cute calf, a cat called Ruby and two dogs, Ben who is an old chocolate labrador and my new spoodle puppy called Pedro. You should be able to infer from that that we love animals.


In my spare time I am often found at pony club or at one day events where my daughter competes. When not doing that I love to garden and read. Reading is my most favourite past time – I have to read at night or I can not sleep. I also love travelling and my husband and I have been to a lot of places around the world. Most recently we went to Vietnam and Cambodia in 2017 and it was amazing.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all better – I can’t wait to read your blogs.