Information reports

You have been working very hard at writing quality information reports this term. So far we have written reports about an animal, a famous person, and the 2004 boxing day tsunami. I would like you to choose one of these, the one you are most proud of, and publish it on your blog.

Mid term review

Well guys, we are just over half way through the term. We have done a lot already! I want you to write a post that includes the following:

  • What have you enjoyed the most so far? (You can have more than one thing)
  • When have you been in the learning pit and found things challenging?

I would like you to write paragraph answers – not just one or two words. For example:

So far this term I have really enjoyed getting to know my class and getting the Room 5 routine established. I love how we end each day in a circle as it is a really positive and calming way to end the day. I’m also really enjoying seeing most of Room 5 really challenge themselves in their learning and realising that mistakes are great because we learn so much from them.



As part of our career unit we have talked briefly about what it is you want to do when you enter the workforce. This week I want you to expand on that in a blog.  Your post needs to have the following:

  • A detailed description of the career that interests you.
  • An explanation of why it interests you.
  • The training that you will need to do.
  • What subjects you will need to do well in at school to help you achieve this goal.

You might like to include information about someone who already does this job, and pictures.

I would expect that you will need to do some research about this – remember to use a variety of sources.

Lists can be interesting.

I want to know more about you – I am really nosy. Lists can be great fun to write if you put the time into making them interesting.

Look at this list from Andy Griffiths about his dad.

It is not your ordinary list of things about someone.

I want YOU to create your own list about yourself titled “Ten things you should know about me”. I also want you to practise your new skills of inserting media – you may insert pictures that relate to your list. ONLY PICTURES.

I can’t wait to read your interesting lists.

House captains 2017

Wow -Room 5 is very proud of the 8 house captains from our room who were named at this afternoons assembly. These people have been chosen because they have shown leadership skills. With such an honour comes responsibility -they are expected to continue to be iDEAL students and be role models within our school. I look forward to seeing them fill these roles admirably.



Since we have come back to school we have been looking at the strengths that we have, and the ones we want to develop. We even created our class agreement based on the strengths we think are important.


One of the strengths we chose as being important was ‘BRAVERY’. I want you to blog about a time when you showed bravery. It doesn’t mean that you had to have saved someone from a burning building – just a time when you did something that you weren’t comfortable with and yet you still did it.

Welcome to Room 5 2017

We have had a great start to the year – I am super excited about Room 5 this year. We have been getting to know each other over this first week. Now I would like you to share how you spent your holidays.

On your blog, you need to create a new post entitled “Summer Holiday”. You can add pictures to make it more interesting. Below is my example about my holiday.


“Summer Holiday”

In January I was lucky enough to travel to two amazing countries – Vietnam and Cambodia. Both are in South East Asia and are so different from New Zealand.  I rode a motorbike around Ho Chi Minh city (the capital of Vietnam), went cruising up the Mekong River, visited local schools, saw incredible food markets and visited temples that are 1000 years old.

It was very hot the entire time we were there as both countries are close to the equator. Each day it was around 33 degrees Celsius, and I loved it. I would much rather be hot than cold. We were very lucky to have a pool on the boat we travelled on, so if it got too hot we just took a  dip.

It was only my husband and I who went on the trip. Our three children went to stay with their grandparents up north and we did miss them a lot. However they had a great time going to beaches, swimming and fishing with their cousins.

The thing that will stand out in my memory about my trip was the food I saw in the markets. It was amazing what the Vietnamese and Khmer people eat. There was lots of interesting fruit and vegetables but also things like deep fried tarantulas, skinned toads, skinned rats and fried scorpions. As much as I loved the food I ate over there, I was not brave enough to try these things.

I would love to go back at some stage and explore more of the north of both countries – 2 weeks was just not enough.

Year 8 camps

One of the highlights of the year in Year 8 is the amazing camps we do. This year you had the choice of Wainui, Kiwi Explorer and Boyle River. While things didn’t go quite to plan with Boyle River due to that pesky earthquake – we still had a great week. I want you to share the writing you have done about one of your camp experiences where you were pushed out of your comfort zone. Feel free to add pictures to your blog post as well.